Hey Friends old and new!

Thanks so much for visiting my page! I truly hope this site serves as a resource for you for all things Paleo and more!     

I have been living a Paleo lifestyle since 2014 and have found that Paleo is the best lifestyle option for someone like me who deals with Auto-Immune Hypothyroid Disease. Paleo Diets historically have been associated with Crossfit and eating lots of bacon and that is not the paleo lifestyle I live, nor is it the reason I chose this lifestyle. Paleo is an Anti-Inflammatory and Clean way of eating and when you are fighting with an under or overactive Thyroid, avoiding foods and products that cause your body to be enflamed is the way to go!

I have always had a knock down drag out fight with my weight and that fight continues to this day. Every day, staying healthy is an uphill battle to climb from having scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, anxiety and most recently Lyme Disease. I started as a food blogger because I knew I needed to surround myself with others who were going to support me, lift me up and encourage me through this journey. It is truly not one to live out alone and I have been SO blessed by all of the support I have received and the incredible people I call my Fit Fam for Life that I am SO grateful for.

Lastly, I believe living a Paleo lifestyle is looking at the WHOLE body, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If we are not living healthy in ALL of those areas than we are missing the mark if we truly want to honor the temple that God has given us to steward. My goal with this blog is to provide information and tools that inspire and empower YOU to exude health in every of our life.


Sara L Pomeroy

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