Paleo Ranchero Breakfast Tacos

photo (1).jpg

Wait….did someone say Taco’s?? Sign me up!

I could SRSLY eat tacos in some form or fashion for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I am not event kidding.

What is feeding this craving you ask?

  1. I think @sietefoods Grain Free Tortillas have a LITTLE something to do with that :)

  2. I have been literally looking for excuses to pour @Primalkitchen Ranch Dressing on things and these egg tacos are TOTALLY perfect for that!

  3. This dish literally took me 5 minutes to scramble together and put on this plate

The toppings and veggies I add to the eggs vary depending on what I have in my fridge that needs to get used or what I am craving. These babies were super simple with spinach and feta. I have used diced tomatoes, peppers, chicken sausage, kale, sweet potatoes, the combo’s are endless so go crazy and get creative with your tacos!