Finding the Perfect Running Shoe at Fleet Feet!


You all know if you have been with me for a while that I love a good cycle or Barre class, but I also love getting out in the great outdoors and talking a weighted walk or grabbing my yoga mat and some weights and going to town!

I was finding, however, that the outside of my feet would start to hurt during squats or any kind of HIIT workouts and I wasn’t sure why, until I went to my friend Jeff’s store here in Richmond, VA called Fleet Feet. Although there are locations nationwide, you would NEVER know it by the personalized love and attention you get the minute you walk in that store, that I only get from small Mom and Pop shops.



The friendly faces and inviting environment is what drew me in, but it was the best in class experience and now pain free workouts that have made me a fan!

This is Jeff! ( Say hello Jeff!) He has single handedly solved my shoe problem and I have not had any pain whatsoever since wearing the shoes he picked out for me! My squats have improved as well  because my toes have more room to move and I just feel more secure in my shoes overall.


Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 10.02.54 AM.png

We started by having me step on this magic Machine called the FIT ID that is EXCLUSIVE to Fleet Feet Stores and it takes a complete scan of your feet. They emailed me the scan but also went over it with me in the store and brought out several options for me to choose from based on the scan results.

He even taught me how to properly lace and unlace the shoe and how to put it on ( yes Ladies and Gentleman, there is a right and a wrong way to do it1) Who knew that all of those factors matter but they make a big difference!



I have been in my Brooks now for about a month and I cannot believe the difference the RIGHT shoe makes! With scoliosis and back injuries, my feet and arches are definitely not the same and Fleet Feet took all of that into consideration when selecting the right shoe for me!

Photo by @kaylynvial

Photo by @kaylynvial

If you are a runner, triathlete or  fitness enthusiast, don’t walk, RUN to Fleet Feet and get yourself a pair of shoes that are perfect for YOU! If you are in Richmond, VA and you visit a store here, be sure to ask for Jeff and let him know that Sara sent you!

If you end up snagging a pair, be sure to tag me so I can see your new kicks!